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Swiss Democracy needs a public, digital infrastructure

The invention of the modern printing press, the telegraph and the railroad revolutionized society and the economy from the ground up. They fostered unprecedented economic growth but also gave rise to social ills and political tensions. Moreover, it was only thanks to these technologies that it was possible to carry out regular ballot polls. In…

Procivis and Futurae collaborate on AI-assisted authentication for digital identities

Swiss e-government provider Procivis and authentication innovator Futurae have announced a partnership to integrate artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted authentication with Procivis’ eID+ digital identity platform. By deploying Futurae’s “Zero-Touch”, multi-factor authentication, eID+ will become even easier to use while ensuring the highest level of security. As part of the collaboration, Futurae’s next-generation authentication technology will become…

Procivis Think Tank Meeting – 21st September 2018: The potential of blockchain in campaign financing

As we shift from a paper-based society to an increasingly digital arrangement, technology is creating new possibilities to change the machinery of democracy. The consequences of introducing blockchain to the political system will be enormous, which is why this topic is polarising and worth carefully analysing. The participants at the Procivis Think Tank meeting held…

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