Enabling services: eID+

“eID+” is a secure, government trusted digital identity platform. At the core of the solution is a mobile app enabling citizens to create and manage their digital identities so they can access related online services. These include secure and convenient logins to websites using two-factor authentication as well as digital signing and secure storage of privacy sensitive documents.


Password-less Login

Private keys on the users’ devices replace weak passwords and eliminate phishing risks. Inherence and knowledge factors can be added for multi-factor authentication.


1-Click Onboarding

Users no longer have to fill out forms. Instead, they can simply grant third parties access to their data using their eID+ one-click QR code functionality.


Verified Identity

Users can have their identity attributes verified by accredited parties such as governmental or financial entities. Once these identity attributes are verified via a REST API, users can transact seamlessly with relying parties, such as other financial institutions or e-commerce websites.

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Procivis and the Rohingya Project partner to provide electronic identity to people without legal documentation

Swiss e-government venture Procivis and non-governmental organisation the Rohingya Project have announced a partnership to enable financial and social inclusion for the 3.5 million Rohingya people living across the world. As part of the collaboration, Procivis will supply its eID+ platform and combine it with the Rohingya Project’s unique verification process, to provide the stateless…

The Missing 1.1 billion: Blockchain-Based Digital Identities as a Driver of Inclusion

In the developed world, possessing a government issued identity document is taken as a given for most people. From holding a birth certificate to a passport, it is not often that one pauses to think about the privilege of living in a country where a majority of the citizens are visible to the state. Reality…

Lessons from the World’s Largest e-Identity Program – India’s Aadhaar

Since its launch in 2009, India’s e-Identity program, Aadhaar has been the subject of intense debate. Its ardent supporters promote it as a solution to the country’s notoriously wasteful welfare system and its opponents label it a gross violation of privacy. Being Aadhaar-registered myself and having studied the development of the program extensively, the merits…

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