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Procivis Think Tank Meeting – 21st September 2018: The potential of blockchain in campaign financing

As we shift from a paper-based society to an increasingly digital arrangement, technology is creating new possibilities to change the machinery of democracy. The consequences of introducing blockchain to the political system will be enormous, which is why this topic is polarising and worth carefully analysing. The participants at the Procivis Think Tank meeting held…

Procivis strengthens its Board of Directors and appoints Achille Deodato as Chief Operating Officer

Swiss e-government provider Procivis has strengthened its Board of Directors with Swiss Liberal Party FDP politician Doris Fiala, strategy expert Huw Evans and cyber security specialist Roger Wirth. In addition, the company has announced the appointment of Achille Deodato as Chief Operating Officer (COO). The newly created position reflects Procivis’ strong growth and will allow…

Procivis Think Tank Meeting – 26th July 2018: How will digital identities transform the government apparatus?

Can transnational identities enabled by blockchain facilitate democratic participation which transcends beyond the bounds of a traditional nation state? This was one of the questions raised at the Procivis Think Tank ( meeting, which took place at Switzerland’s largest blockchain hub ( on Thursday, 26 July 2018. Ramon Göldi leading the discussion on the role…

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