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Researching the impact of digital and quantum technologies on democracy

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As we move from a paper-based society to an increasingly digital arrangement, the mission of the Procivis Think Tank is to provide our stakeholders with innovative solutions in the area of e-Government and democracy.


The Procivis Think Tank is headed by a director, who reports to the Procivis AG Board of Directors. It is the role of the director to ensure the independence of the research.

Costa Vayenas

Director of the Procivis Think Tank

Dr. Costa Vayenas is the author of Democracy in the Digital Age: How we will vote and what we will vote about (2017). His book shows how the disintermediation that digitalization is causing in the private sector is now also impacting the machinery of the state. Digitalization is changing all aspects of how modern societies operate, including democracy. These changes may work to improve the quality of government or make it worse, but ignoring these trends and trying to seek refuge in an unreformed representative system from the late 1700s is not the answer. Before being appointed as the director of the Procivis Think Tank, Costa Vayenas worked as an analyst for UBS in London, New York, and Zurich. His recent roles included Head of Research and Head of Credit for emerging markets. He has lectured at the University of Zurich as well as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH).


Lionel Dricot
Gianluca Miscione
Inge Relph
Uwe Serdült


The Procivis Think Tank was established in 2018 by its keystone sponsor, Procivis AG. The vision is to spin off the Think Tank as a separate entity with its own funding, thereby reinforcing the independence of its thought leadership for its stakeholders.

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  • Provides a platform for interaction between academia, government and business
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