Procivis and the Canton of Schaffhausen implement e-government pilot project (17.07.2017) - Procivis has won the first Swiss canton to implement its integrated e-government platform. As a specialist provider of electronic government services, the startup will supply ... Read more
Procivis completes advisory board, bringing together leading names in tech, e-governance and blockchain (21.06.2017) - Swiss e-government startup Procivis has announced the completion of its advisory board, adding further global experts to its in-house think tank. The group of six strategic ... Read more
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Report “Two Countries – Two Decades – Two Results: A brief comparison of e-government solutions in Estonia and Switzerland” (24.01.2017) - This report sheds new light on the implementation of e-government in Switzerland and examines the current stage in this process. Using the case of Estonia ... Read more
News Release “Swiss startup Procivis launches blockchain-backed e-government platform” (24.01.2017) - Procivis, a new venture founded by Swiss blockchain entrepreneur Daniel Gasteiger, has come out of stealth mode to present its proof of concept for a ... Read more
Estonia’s “e-Residency”: experimenting worldwide digital inclusion | Kaspar Korjus @ TEDxGeneva (21.01.2017) - Kaspar Korjus is the Managing Director of e-Residency in the Government of Estonia. Kaspar started to run the programme while being 26 years old and ... Read more