eID+ is…

Digital identity platform

Replaces physical documents (ID, driver’s license, ballot papers).


Only 3 steps for setup. In-app navigation similar to social media and e-banking apps.

Mobile phone based

Runs on iOS and Android smartphones. No additional hardware or cards needed.

Open APIs for innovation

Allows 3rd parties to build applications accessing eID+ data.


Government offices authenticate official data (name, date of birth, etc.) entered by the user.


Blockchain allows to time-stamp and hash identity information in a tamper-proof manner. Biometrics provides industry leading-leading level of security.

eID+ enables…

…trusted interactions with government and third parties

Access e-government services, online shopping, and e-banking.

…to import and export official documents

Birth and civil status certificates, extract of criminal record, drivers license, etc.

…to manage and control access to your data

Users decide which data they want to share and grant access to.

eID+ powers…