News release “Swiss e-government startup Procivis releases integrated e-identity platform”

Four months after its public launch, Swiss e-government startup Procivis has released the beta version of its integrated electronic identity and services platform. The fully functional software is ready for piloting and designed to integrate blockchain-based smart contract capabilities as soon as the underlying technology has matured. Procivis further announced it will provide free access to its solution for partnering NGOs and intergovernmental organisations to support their work in the developing world.

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News Release “Swiss startup Procivis launches blockchain-backed e-government platform”

Procivis, a new venture founded by Swiss blockchain entrepreneur Daniel Gasteiger, has come out of stealth mode to present its proof of concept for a blockchain-backed e-government platform at today’s Microsoft public sector digitization practice day in Bern. To design its services, the company will collaborate closely with Estonian e-government experts.

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Medienmitteilung “Schweizer Startup Procivis lanciert E-Government Plattform auf Blockchain-Basis”

Procivis, ein vom Schweizer Blockchain-Unternehmer Daniel Gasteiger gegründetes Startup, tritt heute erstmals an die Öffentlichkeit, um im Rahmen des “Microsoft Praxistag für die öffentliche Hand” in Bern den Machbarkeitsnachweis für eine Blockchain-gestützte E-Government-Plattform zu präsentieren. Zur Ausgestaltung seiner Dienstleistungen wird das Unternehmen eng mit E-Government-Experten aus Estland zusammenarbeiten.

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