January 24, 2017

Report “Two Countries – Two Decades - Two Results: A brief comparison of e-government solutions in Estonia and Switzerland”

This report sheds new light on the implementation of e-government in Switzerland and examines the current stage in this process. Using the case of Estonia as a comparison and best-practice example, we show the way e-government instruments are implemented, which are the main challenges and opportunities for Switzerland. In our report, we present a timeline of the development of e-government and present four policy areas in more detail. The introduction of electronic government instruments in Switzerland is part of a larger strategy for the information age and is based on the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies.1

Report by Maarit Ströbele, Nele Leosk & Alexander H. Trechsel xUpery Ltd., Zurich.
The report was commissioned by Procivis.

Report Two Countries Two Decades Two Results vFinal January 25, 2017