About Us

Procivis was founded in October 2016 emboldened by a clear mission: to empower individuals everywhere by providing them with trusted and compliant digital identity solutions they can fully own and control. Thanks to our integrated e-government platform eID+, we are already working with governments that are aligned with that mission. But we are also hard at work preparing for tomorrow’s digital world. With VALID, our blockchain-enabled personal data platform, we are taking the concept of personal data self-sovereignty one step further and aim to become one of the key enablers of the peer-to-peer economy.

Procivis is headquartered in Zurich and we are proud to call Switzerland home. Switzerland is indeed quickly becoming a global centre where emerging cryptography, blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies and businesses can thrive in a safe, supportive, and vibrant environment, thanks to its progressive regulatory framework, deep talent pool and sophisticated infrastructure. Some of that talent have found their way into Procivis, which is composed of a world-class team of employees, founders and advisors who jointly provide unrivalled expertise in blockchain technology, data protection, security and e-governance

Daniel Gasteiger

Co-Founder & CEO

Daniel has worked in financial services for more than 20 years. Starting out as an FX trader at Credit Suisse, he later joined UBS to work with hedge funds and third-party banks promoting UBS’s business-to-business API solutions and Prime Brokerage services. In his last role at UBS, he built up and managed the Office of the Chairman as a Managing Director. His fascination for Blockchain technology led to the decision to start nexussquared, a business platform based in Zurich. There he drove the efforts to enhance the attractiveness of the location for international start-ups and helped new ventures as well as established players to build up business based on the technology

Patrick Graber

Head of Business Development

Patrick has a Master’s degree in Business Innovation from the University of St. Gallen (HSG), where he wrote his thesis “Towards Blockchain Mediated Governance for Decentralised Autonomous Corporations” in cooperation with ETH Zurich. During his studies he was working for a Swiss SME, where he was employed as a sales representative and involved in the process of establishing new local point of sales as well as managing operations. After his studies he joined Blockchain Source a technology partner of Procivis, where he managed business development endeavours for the emerging Procivis project.

Yves-Alain Petitjean

Co-Founder and CFO

Yves is a UCLA Andersen School Alumni and began his career at UBS in Zurich. With UBS he started an international career as an M&A Associate in New York and later in Singapore. Afterwards, he returned to Europe, where he joined Santander’s CEO division in Madrid. Following the acquisition of Abbey by Santander, he was recruited in 2007 and joined the ranks of Cerberus Capital’s M&A team in London.
In 2010, Yves took a new direction to manage the large direct investments of two Family Offices. He joined forces with Procivis’ original Founder, Daniel Gasteiger in October 2016 as acting CFO of the Company.

Costa Vayenas

Head of the Procivis Think Tank

Costa has previously worked as an analyst for financial institutions in London, New York and Zurich. His recent roles included Head of Research and Head of Credit for the emerging markets at UBS. He has lectured at the University of Zurich as well as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Costa is a distinguished e-government expert and the author of the book “Democracy in the Digital Age: How we’ll vote and what we’ll vote about”. As a Senior Government Consultant, he works closely with the Procivis advisory board to provide government clients with the latest and most relevant research to advise them on e-government strategy and implementation.

Giorgio Zinetti


Giorgio has a Master’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from the Polytechnic of Milan. After graduation he joined UBS as Software Engineer working on the E-Banking solution for Switzerland and the Mobile Banking for Asia. In his last role at UBS, he joined the Wealth Management Innovation Team as Innovation Product Manager where he built several digital products and curated the scouting of fintech startups. While engaging with the startup communities he was inspired by blockchain technology and its potential applications beyond fintech.

Krzysztof Adam Górski

Legal analyst

Krzysztof has studied business and financial law at the Universities of Zurich, Leuven, Copenhagen and Maastricht (Master in Law). His interdisciplinary background inspired him to focus on the use of latest technologies for fair and orderly financial markets in Europe. During his studies, he organised networking events and business idea competitions for student communities in co-operation with universities and local angel investors. Before joining Procivis he held several positions at the European Parliament and the European Commission in Brussels.

Dominique Kunz

Community Manager

Dominique holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs from the University of St. Gallen (HSG). During her studies, she gained first-hand experience in political communication as a trainee at Economiesuisse the largest corporate union in Switzerland. Afterwards, she spent a year living and working in Santa Rosa, CA, where she ran the Swiss California Foundation to further the cultural exchange between Switzerland and the USA. While in California, she got involved with the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem. Her experience overseas motivated her, to join two accomplished serial entrepreneurs in Switzerland, where she took the lead over the startup’s operations and marketing. Through this involvement, she developed a strong interest in lean startup techniques and the effects of disruptive technologies on society, which ultimately led her to the current role at Procivis.

Sven Stucki

Software Engineer

Sven holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich. During his studies, he worked on the hardware design of cryptographic algorithms (ECDSA signature validation ASIC) and microcontrollers. He launched his professional career as a firmware and hardware designer. As a contractor, he has worked for major corporates as well as start-ups. Given his background in cryptography, he investigated the concepts of blockchains and smart contracts early on, and these are now his focus topics at Procivis.

Adithya Pradeep Kumar

Business Development - Emerging Markets

Adithya completed his Master’s in Sustainability and Social Innovation from HEC Paris with his thesis focusing on the applications of Blockchain and e-Identity to facilitate citizen participation in governance. Prior to this, he co-founded Project Pragati, a social enterprise which worked on empowering the transgender community in India through secure employment and financial independence. Furthermore, he worked in the financial sector as a Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs and as Socially Responsible Investing Analyst at Exane BNP Paribas. Finally, Adithya is as well a published researcher on the topic of sustainability and climate change, notably publishing a policy brief with the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE).

Jonas Loetscher

Product Manager

For the last 10 years, Jonas worked in the security and governance sector and was involved in reform projects in the Arab region, specifically in Lebanon, Morocco, occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) and Tunisia. Between 2012 and 2016, he was Head of Mission at the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces’ (DCAF) office in Tunisia. In this function, he managed a multi-donor country program assisting the Tunisian authorities in putting their armed police and security forces on a democratic footing. Jonas holds a double Master’s degree in International Relations and Conflict Analysis. He is currently completing his MBA.

Guilherme Sperb Machado

Senior Software Architect

Guilherme holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Zürich (UZH). Besides being an academic researcher in the area of network management for several years, he acquired experience in large projects at Swisscom, Hewlett-Packard, JLS Digital, and start-ups. His core expertise lies in architecting highly scalable systems and leading software engineering teams, ultimately outputting reliable software products for millions of users. As he investigated blockchain technologies in the early days dealing with cryptography, smart contracts, and ICO platforms, he was part of the team of successful ICOs, including modum.io and VALID. He is the co-founder of ICOnator Project and founder of AxLabs.

Hanna Seibert

Office Manager

Hanna brings with her a wealth of experience in both national and international business environments. She has worked across different sectors ranging from education, finance and accounting to architecture. As office manager she is in charge of Procivis’ accounting and manages the back office processes. Furthermore, she is currently acquiring a diploma in Business Management.

Advisory Board

Michael Casey

Managing Partner Agentic Group & Senior Advisor MIT Media Lab

Kaspar Korjus

Managing Director eResidency Republic of Estonia

Monique Morrow

Co-Founder Humanized Internet & Former Cisco CTO

Grégoir Notz

Managing Director & Executive Committee Notz Stucki Group

Rolf Rauschenbach

Strategy Advisor & Political Scientist

Roger Wirth

Managing Director of Information & Cyber Security